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The team at Swallow Glass Studio consists of Ann & Frank Ross. We make unique glass art and beautiful, ornamental objects for your home. The rugged coastal scenery is our inspiration. We sell our work on-line and at craft fairs around the country.


I am a retired scientist but have always had a passion for textiles; dressmaking, quilting and fabric art. This developed a sense of colour and somehow I fell into glass fusing. It added a new dimension to colour by including light play. Working with glass answers all my needs both artistic and technical. I design the pieces and the firing schedules.


I am a retired engineer and the cold working machinery interests me most. Ann likes to produce art panels with complex pieces of glass that are best cut with the glass saw. I like to do this, as well as drill holes, fetch and carry and make the coffee!

 Ann in the workshop


Ready for customers!

Frank at the glass saw